Eating around Ag in the City

Last night, Kanu Hawaii kicked off their monthlong “Eat local challenge” at the Blaisdell farmers’ market. As mentioned in my previous post, the organization wants us to eat locally grown food throughout September “in order to build a more sustainable, secure and healthy local food system.”

In addition to the regular farmers’ market offerings, booths featured five chefs partnered up with farmers, showcasing dishes made with fresh local produce and proteins. How the heck was I going to sample it all? Here’s how:

Ag in the City

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As you may know, I have three nieces who move away and come back as frequently and randomly as the stock market blips. Since they’re back for the week, I had them help me graze at Ag in the City. (Moo.)

After the carnage was done, I had my nieces do a quick assessment of the food we ate. You’ll notice we mis-labeled chef Sean Priester’s ulu puree. See what happens when you get caught in the moment?

Kanu asks people to commit to specific steps in September that support local farmers and a healthier, more secure food system. Recipes, guides and deals from Eat Local restaurant and market partners are available on Kanu’s website to support those who commit. To join the Eat Local Challenge, make a commitment at