Dive Into the Water With These Stylish Fins Designed by Zak Noyle

Put some flash into your surf session with these special-edition fins from DaFin.
Photo: Courtesy of Da Fin 


All this heat and humidity got you down? Head for the beach! All these hurricanes passing by Hawai‘i are a bummer, but they are leaving the Islands with one swell gift: great surf!


If you want to take full advantage of the awesome wave action, you’re gonna need some surf fins to help you stay afloat. So why not invoke the spirit of someone who practically lives in the rough waters of the North Shore: world-renowned surf photographer Zak Noyle.


Noyle recently collaborated with local company DaFin to create a signature version of its fins, in two tiger-striped colorways. “It is the product I really use and every top surf photog uses,” he says. “The speed and versatility are unmatched and super comfortable.”


As the senior staff photographer of Surfer Magazine, Noyle is thrown into some of the gnarliest sets around, so we’re betting he knows his stuff.


How’d he come up with the rad design? He worked with Keola Rapoza, the owner of local hat boutique Fitted, to brainstorm the color combinations and the design for the box. “I wanted something unique from what was on the market and always loved tiger stripes,” Noyle says. “When we designed it, we were not sure the factory could even create something like this, but they came through.”


Not only will you look good in these fins, you’ll do good, too: Noyle is donating 100 percent of his royalties of each sale to the North Shore Lifeguard Foundation, to help fund its junior lifeguard program. “I would be unable to be safe and do what I love without the North Shore lifeguards who protect us and keep the ocean safe,” he says. “To be able to give back to these guys that risk their lives, it was a no brainer.”


The Zak Noyle signature fins come out at the end of September, worldwide. The fins retail for $68.95 and are available wherever DaFins are stocked in Hawai‘i.


Find the list at dafin.com


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