Diner en Blanc Honolulu 2015



Diner en Blanc, an elegant pop-up picnic that takes places in cities across the globe, unfolded Saturday evening at this year’s secret location – Ko Olina. Launched in Paris a quarter of a century ago, Diner en Blanc requires all of its attendees to wear white and bring their own picnic fare, including food, drinks, tablewear, etc.

When registration began for the second Diner en Blanc Honolulu, the looming question was, “How can they top ‘Iolani Palace?” Well, kudos to hosts Maleko McDonnell, Aubrey Akana and Malie Moran, they did it, and here are my top five reasons why:

5. Sometime less is not more. Last year there were about 750 attendees; this year, Akana’s estimation is at 1,300.

4. No leaks. Twice the registrations calls for more staff support, hence more “people in the know,” but the secret location was not revealed, until it was time. Speaking of no leaks, it didn’t rain!

3. Unicorns, ballerinas and all out style. People did not hold back their style expression this year, at-all!

2. Dancing queens, and kings. Super CW was in rare form. She, along with, DJ Gem Tag team, DJ Betty and Hawaii POPS kept everyone dancing into the night.

1. With a an epic west side sunset and tons of space to roam, Ko Olina lagoon was the perfect location for Diner en Blanc Honolulu 2015.

Here’s a look at our favorite moments from preparation to full-on party mode:


Floral crown prep at Paiko the afternoon before Diner en Blanc.


Pre-party at Restaurant Row.


Bus ride en route to the secret location.


Getting ready to board the bus.

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Photos by Amanda Stevens