Did this: The 220 Experience

The first of a series, “The Royal Brunch — 220 Experience!” kicked off Sunday at the Royal Hawaiian. The event was put on by the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation (HFBF) to promote the use of local products produced within a 220-mile radius.

A little history: the HFBF worked with chef Hans Stierli and catering manager Louise Abila of the Royal Hawaiian when the 1600-member organization held their two-day convention at the resort. Stierli’s menus for the event included HFBF member’s produce, meats, fish, and coffee, as he incorporated some of his own family recipes. The resulting menu was so impressive, the Royal Hawaiian and the HFBF decided to launch The 220 Experience, using 90 percent local products.

Did this: The 220 Experience

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By Melissa Chang

“Truly fine cuisine starts with fresh quality products picked at the peak of ripeness,” said chef Hans Stierli of the Royal Hawaiian. With this in mind, The 220 Experience brunch was born.

— Photo by Justin Dotson

Subsequent brunches will be held on June 19, July 17, and Aug. 21. For more information, contact the Royal Hawaiian’s dining desk at 808-921-4600. Tickets start at $100 per person.