Did this: Spread the Word arts & food bash

Mari Taketa and Tracy Chan both attended Saturday’s Spread the Word, a first-time event at the Hawaii Convention Center that showcased local arts and food. While Mari focused on the cuisine, Tracy captured scenes of the overall event. Here’s a look at what they saw and tasted:

A taste of Spread the Word (By Mari Taketa)

Spread the Word

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By Mari Taketa

So here’s the thing: Nonstop gets invited to this arts bash called Spread the Word, only we have no idea what it is.

It’s at the Hawaii Convention Center, which is also a co-sponsor, so right off it’s pretty major. Tickets are $85 a pop, not exactly in a starving artist’s budget. And it’s put on by Real Word. Magazine, which for the last year has been featuring the art of uber-hot local painters, photogs, slam poets, fashion designers, musicians, body artists — you get the picture.

But get this: 17 chefs are in the mix, including Fred DeAngelo of Turtle Bay’s Ola, who with his wife Cheryl here publishes Real Word. Will the food be as hot as the art? That’s what I’m here to find out.

Scenes from Spread the Word (By Tracy Chan)

Spread the Word

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What was Spread the Word?

It was the first look (and taste) of an annual event thrown by Real Word. Magazine, as a way to showcase local arts and cuisine. Think kind of like First Friday, only in a conference hall, and with fantastic food. Real Word. Magazine is a publication launched one year ago (the event was their first anniversary party) to give voice to local artists, poets, and people with stories to tell.