Did this: Rice Fest 2011

September is officially National Rice Month, and what better way to celebrate Hawaii’s most cherished grain than with a festival dedicated to it? Yesterday was the second annual Rice Fest, expanded in its new location at Magic Island, filled with cookoffs, contests, activities and lots of rice for eating.

It was definitely a “cheat” day for anyone watching their carbs. In fact, this is how we watched the carbs yesterday… as they made their way into people’s mouths.

Rice Fest 2011

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The second annual Rice Fest took place yesterday at its new venue in Magic Island, with about a dozen vendors feeding and entertaining an estimated 3,000 people. Were you one of them?

Two of the highlights of the day involved rice and Hawaii’s most beloved processed meat: Spam. The event organizers went for the Guinness Book of World Records with the world’s largest Spam musubi, and — in a separate move — had a Spam musubi eating contest. These couldn’t be expressed in photos alone, so Mari Taketa did a video to show you the action (featuring a ukulele performance by Bruce Shimabukuro, who did a mini-concert at the event)