Did this: Mangoes at the Moana

Mango fiends were out in force on Saturday, converging on Waikiki for the annual Mangoes at the Moana fest. Recipe contest (free tastings!), best mango contest (more free tastings!), mango seminars and wellness products: The king of summer fruits in Hawaii basked in the glory of an all-day celebration at the Moana Surfrider Hotel.

While this year’s mango fest was smaller than last year’s, the crowning glory was still one of the best days in a local foodie’s year: a throwdown pitting 11 of Honolulu’s top chefs against each other. Whose mango dish reigned supreme? Which celebrity TV chef used her discerning palate to pick the winner?

Find the answers in this video by Mari Taketa, and the photo gallery by Melissa Chang.

Mangoes at the Moana

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You saw the food porn from Mangoes at the Moana in Mari Taketa’s video. Now, take a look at some of the faces behind the fruits.

— Photo by Melissa Chang