Did this: Joy of Sake

It’s maddening, squeezing sake out of tiny plastic pipettes, but it’s like chewing your food slowly — it forces you to slow down and savor. And with 326 premium sake to taste, there was plenty of savoring at the 11th Joy of Sake at the Sheraton Waikiki ballrooms last night.

An hour in, you’ve said hi to all your friends, shared faves, compared the sake cups you just bought.

Two hours in, you’re saying hi to strangers, red faces all around, debating the relative merits of junmai versus ginjo.

At two and a half hours, organizers are blinking the lights on and off and grabbing the remaining bottles off the tables. You forgo the pipettes and start pouring samples directly into your cup.

So was it a success? Judging from the difficulty of getting people to go home, the answer would be hai.

Joy of Sake

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Still heat of summer
icy promise fills my glass
the joy of sake

Party pics by Melissa Chang

The Joy of Sake

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With hundreds of sakes to taste in just a scant two hours, the Sheraton Waikiki main ballroom was packed like a bus at rush hour. We managed to see a few people who had enough space around them to take a photo.