Did this: Joy of Sake Aftertaste at HASR

It’s not just the midsummer mega-party the Joy of Sake puts on. Honolulu’s appetite for the ricey brew fuels monthly Aftertastes, samplings of 40 sake at a time at different restaurants around town, and if there were any doubts about the rightness of sake with foods beyond sushi, last night’s party blew them out of the water.

The place: HASR Bistro, French-themed, in the heart of Chinatown. The sake: All premium grades — junmai, ginjo, daiginjo — plus the sake of the season. Spring nama varieties come from the rice harvests of last autumn, brewed through the winter and bottled unpasteurized, brash and young, in February.

The combo was enough to spur record demand for tickets. For those who missed out, save April 25 on your calendars. The next Aftertaste is at Stage restaurant on Kapiolani. Meanwhile, here are quick scenes from last night.

Aftertaste at HASR Bistro

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HASR Bistro last night. Sake party in Chinatown!

Photo courtesy of Garrett Ing