Did this: Honolulu’s first Dishcrawl

Honolulu’s first Dishcrawl happened last night, a high-buzz progressive dinner that was so secret, nobody knew which restaurants were involved until we ended up inside the doors. And until last night, nobody really knew what a Dishcrawl was, either, but the idea of a secret progressive dinner through downtown Honolulu was so hot, the 45 spots sold out within days of a social media blitz.

Dishcrawl is a movement that’s sprung up in mainland cities. It’s exactly like a pub crawl, except at each of the four stops, you eat. You sign up blind: Beyond the neighborhood, the $39 cost and the fact it’s at dinner time, it’s all a mystery until two days prior, when you get an email telling you where to meet up and what time.

As for the rest, I’ll let the photos and captions tell the story. Those who want more info will find below a link to the next two Honolulu Dishcrawls.


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6:50 Wednesday night. We meet at Rakuen Lounge, open just a year on Bethel Street at the edge of Chinatown. The noise level is so high, my first impression is I’m the only one who doesn’t know anyone.

It turns out much of the group has signed up solo. It’s like a networking pau hana without personal agendas. The commonalities: Everybody’s avidly into food and a degree of adventure. These are not people who need to know where they’re going and what they’re going to eat.

Coming Dishcrawls:
Saturday, Dec. 8: Kakaako brunch
Wednesday, Dec. 12: Downtown Date Night (different restaurants)