Did this: Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company tour

We recently got a chance to drop in on the guys at Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company, home of HI Beer, at Vice Nightclub in Ward Center. Owner Frank Wenzl and Brewmaster Greg Yount were gracious enough to show us around, explaining the various steps of the brewmaking process as we went.

Photos by Tracy Chan, video by Melissa Chang.

Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company tour

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Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company recently opened its doors inside Vice Nightclub, and the small operation beneath the club (where you used to be able to look in and see the old Brew Moon beer tanks) already putting out some unique, quality microbrews. Here’s the two men responsible for it, brewmaster Greg Yount (left) and his partner, owner Frank Wenzl. Together they run the newest business inside Vice nightclub, which already hosted Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza and the club itself.

Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company (inside Vice Nightclub)
Ward Warehouse, 1200 Ala Moana Blvd.