Did this: Great Chefs Fight Hunger

The Hawaii Foodbank held its annual Great Chefs Fight Hunger fundraiser Saturday night, with 22 food stations and nine beverage booths scattered throughout the Mapunapuna warehouse. Although it’s not the Foodbank’s biggest fundraiser, it’s the most favorite one, drawing people of all ages who love good food.

With that many food stations, it’s impossible to taste everything… and you will want to, because many of the chefs create special dishes that you won’t find at other grazing events.

About 600 people attended this highly anticipated foodie event, but since the warehouse is so large, it can easily fit more. Since there were so many food and drink stations, the crowd could spread out and there were never any lines — for such a large event, it was super chill, which made it easier to simply enjoy the offerings. Here’s what I ate, what I drank, and what I missed (because I couldn’t fit any more food in):

Did This: Great chefs fight hunger

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This event was actually DK Kodama’s brainchild. He has restaurants at Restaurant Row, so the event used to be held on the lawn in front. As the event grew, and they realized inclement weather could be a problem, the Foodbank moved the fundraiser to their warehouse in Mapunapuna.

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