Did this: Eating with the Seasons

On Wednesday evening, Fresh Cafe debuted its new monthly dining event, Eating with the Seasons, which showcases a single ingredient in a multi-course meal. For the inaugural event, which unfolded on elegantly decorated, communal tables on the cafe’s front patio, the highlighted ingredient was sweet basil from PacFresh Hawaii, a North Shore herb farm. A team from Fresh created a delectable four-course meal, plus a cocktail, tapping into the ultra-sweet, peppery flavors of the locally grown basil.

The dishes served at the gathering, except for the beverage, will be available at Fresh Cafe during the month of October. Next month, the eatery will host another Eating with the Seasons with a new ingredient, and subsequently serve those dishes in November.

Here’s what this month’s guests were treated to:

Eating with the Seasons

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Nonstop’s Melissa Chang and I weren’t sure what to expect when we received invitations to this dinner. The premise of the event — to highlight a specific ingredient in a multi-course meal — sounded promising. But there are so many food events these days; it’s difficult to know which ones will stand out.