Delicious and Nutritious Ice Cream? Believe it

(Sponsored) Introducing Brio, the smartest ice cream choice in Hawai‘i.
Photos: Courtesy of Brio 


You drink eight glasses of water a day, work out four times a week and eat well—most days. Sometimes, though, your sweet tooth gets the best of you and you find yourself reaching for something rich, delicious and sweet, like ice cream.  


But there’s the question: is there anything in the supermarket freezer that’s rich, creamy, indulgent and satisfying—and also supportive of your health and wellness-oriented lifestyle?


Now there is. Introducing Brio, an all-natural, healthy and smartly nutritious ice cream making its debut in Hawaiʻi’s neighborhood grocery stores. Brio is the creation of two visionary organic food pioneers, Arnie and Ron Koss. Twin brothers, they are the creators of Earth’s Best Baby Foods, the nation’s first organic baby food company. And they’ve also revolutionized ice cream.


“Our inspiration for Brio was our mom, Judith, who loved ice cream and wished it could be healthier,” says Arnie, who lives in Upcountry Maui. “Ron and I both thought it was a great idea, and decided to see what we could do to make a difference.”


In Vermont, Ron led the decade-long effort to develop Brio, enlisting two former flavor experts from Ben & Jerry’s to ensure that the new ice cream would be absolutely delicious. Ron included top nutritionists on the team, who worked tirelessly to make the new ice cream smartly nutritious.


“It was an unusual collaboration that paid off,” notes Arnie. “We ended up with an ice cream that delivers the deliciousness that you expect from super premium ice cream brands, with less fat, cholesterol and sugar, plus Brio is an amazing nutrition powerhouse.”


Brio is non GMO and certified gluten free. Brio has no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.


You’ll love Brio’s exceptional flavors: Mellow Dark Chocolate, Tropical Mango, Spring Strawberry, Vanilla Caramel and Coffee Latte. All are created with quality ice cream ingredients such as fresh, r-BST-free milk from Wisconsin dairy farms, real Alphonso mangoes, strawberries, dark cocoa, Madagascar vanilla, organic salted caramel and other premium, natural ingredients.


There are only 160 to 170 calories in a single serving of Brio, about 25 perecent less than comparable flavors of super premium ice cream. Brio also has half the total fat and 65 percent less saturated fat. 


For the many Hawaiʻi residents who are concerned about diabetes, Brio is low glycemic, with a carefully selected blend of natural sweeteners. In fact, Brio has less sugar than many popular yogurts.


Brio helps you cover your daily nutritional needs, too.


You’ll get 6 grams of protein in a single serving. There are healthy Omega 3-6-9 fats in balance, too.


Brio delivers all essential micronutrients including 30 percent of the daily value of calcium, antioxidants and electrolytes.


Now ice cream lovers can enjoy their favorite treat more often, as a guilt-free, anytime snack.


For a morning boost or a post-workout replenishment, enjoy a cold, creamy bowl of Brio, maybe with some fresh fruit on the side. Or get out the blender, toss in a banana, some Brio and some almond milk and you’ve got a smartly powered drink to take along on your commute.


Concerned that your afternoon coffee drink is weighing you down with too may empty calories? A single serve of Brio’s Coffee Latte is a refreshing, nutrition-packed  alternative with only 160 calories.


Tired of munching on a nutrition bar when you’re too busy for a meal? Chill with Brio’s Mellow Dark Chocolate, Spring Strawberry, Vanilla-Salted Caramel or Tropical Mango.


Of course, Brio is perfect for a dessert that won’t leave you saying, “Why did I eat that?”


Fortunately, being in Hawai‘i, we’re among the first in the nation to fall in love with Brio. You can find Brio in all Foodland locations, at Don Quijote stores on O‘ahu, at KTA Superstores on The Big Island and Pukalani Superette, Island Grocery Depot and Haiku Grocery Store on Maui.


Hungry for more information? Please visit Brio, email or call toll-free 1-844-800-4441.


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