December 2011: Table of Contents


Silver Surfers

Their hair may be going gray, but their love of surfing is as strong as ever. We profile five local surf legends who have never stopped charging waves.

by david thompson


Doing Good: Our Guide to Giving Back

Time and money are always hard to come by. Here are ways to vet a nonprofit, donate wisely, volunteer efficiently and more.

by tiffany hill


Sweet Treats

Want to be a hero at the next dinner party or potluck? Or maybe you just love dessert. Luckily, Honolulu is full of deliciously sweet confections, waiting to be unboxed and devoured.

by martha cheng



Editor’s Page: Family Letter

New Faces, New Pages

by a. kam napier



Our readers respond.



Shirley Temple and Duke Kahanamoku

Reasons to Get out and go in December

Weird local ingredients 

Hawaii’s Guiness World Records

R&D with Interisland Terminal    

Field Guide: Monsarrat


Dining: New Releases

We check out a trio of new restaurants—two blockbusters and one sleeper hit.

by john heckathorn


From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.

by tiffany hill


Afterthoughts: Think Pink

Why are all of Honolulu’s buildings so beige?

by michael keany