Daughtry concert video

It’s a few days removed from that awesome Daughtry concert last Friday, so it’s time I shared some of the video and photos that didn’t make it into Nonstop Honolulu’s official coverage. I had shot few videos from the concert, but as it turns out, I was too close to the stage. Although the press pit was the best place to get photos of the performance, it’s also located between the main speakers in front of the stage. It’s no louder than anywhere else in the amphitheater, but the audio picked up by the camera is almost completely drowned out by the bass.

What’s become evident is that the more I play around with video, the more I realize that iMovie ’08 sucks, and that I need to get a better video editing program. Still, I didn’t want to let this footage go to waste, and Diane Seo has been encouraging all of us at Nonstop Honolulu to do more video, so here it is.