Cute Kapolei Girl Busts Out Her Cool Dance Moves on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Local girl dances her way into many hearts on national TV.


Eight-year-old Kea Peahu Kupihea recently made Hawai‘i proud by showing off her smooth hip-hop dance moves on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Kapolei resident danced with her choreography instructor Matt Steffanina to Drake’s smash hit “Hotline Bling.”  


Kupihea landed on national TV this month after Ellen spotted her viral dance video. The tiny dancer recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in—what else?—dancing! When Kupihea grows up, she’s sure to melt plenty of hearts with her smooth moves. But for now, she’s sticking to her passion for dancing for dogs. 


Watch the video above to see what the buzz is all about. Our favorite moment? Hearing Ellen get tongue-tied trying to pronounce Kupihea’s full Hawaiian name. It’s tough enough to pronounce “Kapolei,” so we don’t blame her!