Cute 5-Year-Old Math Genius From Hawai‘i Impresses Steve Harvey With His Talent

Luis Esquivel shows off his math skills on “Little Big Shots.”


Can you calculate the square root of 145 without using a calculator? Five-year-old Luis Esquivel from Wahiawā can. Esquivel recently appeared on Steve Harvey’s new television show Little Big Shots and showed off his amazing math skills.


Harvey uses a calculator to double check Esquivel’s answers. 
Videos: Courtesy of NBC Little Big Shots, Giphy 


Esquivel is not only a math genius, he’s able to name the planets in order starting from the sun, recites the periodic table of elements (in alphabetical order) and reads complex numbers. 

Although Esquivel is full of knowledge at such a young age, it doesn’t take away his playful sense of wonder. Watch the video above to see Esquivel impress Harvey with his amazing math skills and the adorable moment when he tries to chase his shadow.