CPK’s healthy new adventures

You may have already seen these new menu items in CPK restaurants, but the eclectic pizza restaurant chain officially launched its “new adventures” menu nationwide yesterday to give diners globally-inspired dishes that have vibrant flavor, but lower calories. The new items were carefully thought out to include “super foods” like quinoa and salmon, but they aren’t so exotic that regular diners will be turned off or confused.

We got to sample the new dishes last night as the CPK staff explained the new items and highlighted their favorites. Here are my favorites, in order of appearance:

CPK’s healthy new items

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Who doesn’t love salmon? The cedar plank salmon is roasted with smoked paprika and lime and served with white corn and spinach succotash, then topped with feta cheese. It has the most calories of the new items, 640 calories. The cedar plank roasting makes the salmon moist and lends a smoky flavor, and the sweet corn is a nice contrast.

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