CodeRacer a fun way to learn Web design

Code/Racer is a cool, challenging way to learn Web design and proper coding. This multi-player live-coding game was built by the team behind TeamTreehouseThink Vitamin and Carsonified.

The basic game is simple, you login via Facebook, wait for the rest of your competitors and, boom, you’re off. The system gives you elements that need to be coded into the page you’re creating for the game. Any mistakes after a pre-determined time frame has elapsed will be fixed by the pit crew. As you add the elements, you’re coached if you fall behind, and at the end, you learn your place in the race. They’ve even added weapons that allow you to throw weird things at your opponents to slow them down. Coding with weapons.. whoddathunkit? Amazing.

It’s a fun way to learn coding and you’ll polish your skills pretty quickly. It’s free, so go take a look.

For those who want to take this learning to code business a bit further, check out TeamTreehouse.