Club Hopping Wednesday's in Waikiki

On a Wednesday night, I unintentionally went to five different nightclubs:  Lotus Soundbar, Play Bar, Zanzabar, Senor Frog’s and Level 4

This gave me a great opportunity to see which promotions were sailing and which one’s were sinking.   

Wednesday’s provide a unique clubbing experience.  The venues are not as crowded as they would be on a Friday and Saturday night, which gives you a chance to explore the club and see what it really has to offer, without having to fight for an open space at the bar. 

It’s 9:15 p.m. and as I stood outside Play Bar waiting for it to open, I noticed a line outside Lotus Soundbar across the street, and wondered what was going on, as it was still very early.  I walked over and found that 808 Scenezine was having its “Battle of the Bands” there, with 101.9’s Maleko as a judge.  The crowd was mostly friends of the bands, but they were all having a great time and excited to be there.   “Battle of the Bands” will continue tomorrow night, September 24, with its final competition held October 1st. 


Next, I went to Play Bar for its famous $1 drink nights.  I hadn’t been there since it had changed its name from Scruples and was curious to see what had been done to the place. Well, they added some decorative touches here and there, but nothing was significantly different.  It still looked like the old Scruples to me, except I noticed that the lighting was brighter and the video screens were not playing the same bikini girls over and over again.  Whatever the name, Play Bar still rules Wednesday nights with its packed house and college-aged crowd.

Then, I had to meet a friend at Senor Frog’s… wow, it was bad.  Monday through Wednesday’s are truly not that fun there.  Thursday through Saturday’s are the only nights to go.  I’m glad I know some of the staff there, cause otherwise, there wouldn’t have been anyone else to talk to that night.  I love the Senor Frog’s venue though.  It was planned and designed perfectly.  It’s never too hot and there’s plenty of room to walk around, dance and drink.

Afterwards, my friend and I headed upstairs to Level 4.  It promotes Wednesday nights as industry night, so local ID’s get in for free.  Well, the lounge was empty.  That scared me.  However, the showroom had a decent amount of people in there.  The go-go dancers were on-stage and I got to see one of them do an aerial act.  I also got a sneak peek at the VIP skyboxes, which were surprisingly full.  The skyboxes are placed where the balcony seating would be in a normal theater.  They’re very private and actually nicely designed, with a large white curtain blocking the view from people on the dance floor below.  Only those that have access to VIP are allowed anywhere near them.  

Here are the Level 4 VIP details:  4 people per 1 bottle minimum (Friday & Saturday bottles must be $300 and up), includes table, complimentary VIP line access, a waitress and wristbands for red grand stand seating to watch L4 performances throughout the evening.  Table location, including those skyboxes, is on a request basis.

Finally, I stopped by Zanzabar, to check out its “Wild Wednesdays” promotion, which used to be held at Fashion 45.  Ever since Fashion 45’s liquor license was halted, due to two counts of furnishing liquor to a minor, Zanzabar has become King of the 18-and-over crowd, and Wednesday nights are no exception. 

Wednesday nights are interesting in Waikiki, so if you just can’t wait till Friday to get out of the house, head to Waikiki.  There’s a club for everyone.