Closed for APEC


I’m preparing for APEC as if it were a natural disaster. I live on the edge of Waikiki, and from my research, it appears all the streets and sidewalks leading up to my place will be blocked off. So I’m stocking up on food because, even if I were able to get out, nearby restaurants like Home Bar and Grill will be closed. “I don’t see how we’re going to get deliveries,” says owner Chris Tai. Kalakaua Avenue restrictions and security checkpoints will make it difficult for both diners and delivery trucks to go Home. “I am pissed,” Tai says. “I can’t get over the fact that we were not given a lot of info on what’s going on. At least they could have communicated with the small businesses about the checkpoints, closures. We’re kind of left in the dark.”

Other restaurants are closed for private dinners for APEC attendees. The restaurant closures:

Home Bar and Grill closed from November 7-13.
Morimoto Waikiki closed from November 5-13.
TOWN closed from November 6-12.
Alan Wong’s closed November 11 and 12.

Fort Street Mall People’s Open Market is also closed from November 1-18. While it’s some distance from the Convention Center, “the market is closed because we were unable to obtain street usage permits from the city,” market manager Lori Zane wrote in an email to us. “In fact no one was granted street usage permits for the entire island to load/unload due to APEC.”

The restaurants in Waikiki we called (Nobu, Orchids, BLT Steak) will remain open, but they warn that Waikiki traffic may make it difficult to arrive. Guess it's time to stock up the home bar.

Edited 11/4/11: added "Other restaurants are closed for private dinners for APEC attendees."