Cinema for the belly: For the love of food

In my previous post about food films, I went on for probably too many paragraphs about what I didn’t like about the portrayal of food and the food industry in films. So, I thought to be fair, I’d revisit a few food films that I previously had written off to see if I had overlooked any redeeming qualities.

‘Dead Sushi’ – 2012

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The first that came to mind was a film that premiered at HIFF last year, “Dead Sushi.” I really enjoyed the the film for what it was — a hilarious, martial arts romp with gratuitous blood gushing scenes, blatant T&A and of course, zombie sushi… It was impossible for this flick not to be awesome. Yet, I didn’t really consider this a “food film.” There was food in it, but it was hardly a realistic depiction of the effects food has on people’s lives.

When I revisited it, one thing I was able to relate to was how overly passionate people in the film were about the correct way to eat sushi. Even to this day, I’m not completely clear on proper sushi etiquette due to conflicting opinions from several sushi chefs. This film did a good job of conveying how passionate people can be about their food. The fact that that detail made it into the film made me love the film, campy as it was, that much more.