Chinee like me: dinner at Moon Garden

The secret Chinese Dinner Society got together for its monthly meeting, this time to induct new members into the fold. One of our newest members is Nonstop’s very own Tracy Chan, and she mentioned that she wanted to eat really good, traditional winter melon soup. So off we went to Moon Garden, which is known for this banquet treat.

Chinee like me: Moon Garden

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Moon Garden has a couple of things going for it: Ample free parking, which is kind of scarce in this area; and friendly waitresses, which is not the norm for Chinese restaurants. They’re so friendly, they humored Jenn in her matching pink shirt.

Moon Garden
578 N. Vineyard Blvd.

After all that eating, here were our favorites of the evening (apparently Jennifer is making a witty joke in Chinese that I can’t understand):

Our verdict? Moon Garden is a hidden gem for Chinese dining, especially with their classic winter melon soup and special curry oysters. I’m also a big fan of Chinese restaurants with friendly service, so this place gets big ups from me. Stay tuned for our next meal, which is either going to be dim sum or some secret spot that Bixby says is getting unusually rave reviews. In the meantime, click here to see and hear one of the subjects our secret society talked about during the evening.