Chasing Rainbows at HIFF

The 30th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival begins this Thursday, October 14 and runs through October 24. Here we’ve listed all of the locally-made films, visit for the full schedule. And, we talked to three of the filmmakers to find out what it was like to film in Hawaii.

Chasing Rainbows

Director, producer, screenwriter: Greg Andermann
Cinematographer: Peter K. Tang
Cast: Duke Aiona, Greg Andermann, Charles Buck, Wayne Cordeiro, Lynn Finnegan, Blake Oshiro.

Chasing Rainbows attempts to chronicle the battle between the evangelical Christians and gay rights advocates in America, as it pertains to local politics and way of life. With interviews of prominent figures, ranging from Pastor Wayne Cordero of New Hope Church, Rabbi Peter Schaktman of Temple Emanu-El, and former legislator Dennis Arakaki, of Hawaii Family Forum, this film provides a forum for both sides of the debate.

The battle began in Hawaii in the 1990s with the first lawsuit from a same-sex couple suing the state for the right to marry. This film gives an unbiased, candid look at same-sex unions, and the issues.

Director and producer Greg Andermann says, “I had to stay neutral. It’s a responsibility; somebody has to stay neutral to be a mediator. I understand both sides really well. I have friends and colleagues on both sides. It is about two subcultures that exist in our larger culture; they both want affirmation.” Andermann has dedicated the past 10 years to making historical documentaries, but this is the first film that Andermann gets in front of the camera. Andermann adds, “The real work of the documentary is the heart and soul of the people that opened up and shared. What I found out is that the issue is really deep. It’s not a simple topic, it has a lot of layers.” Andermann hopes that this film will be a catalyst to promote a safe open space for discussions and will get people to evaluate how they treat each other. Following the screenings, an open forum discussion takes place Oct. 29, at the University of Hawaii.

For more information on this documentary or other upcoming events visit You can watch Chasing Rainbows at Dole Cannery on Friday, Oct. 16 and Thursday, Oct. 21. Visit the HIFF website for more information and a complete schedule at

Here we’ve listed all of the locally-made films, visit for the full schedule:

ACM Night short films

Oct. 22

Watch six short films from students of UH Manoa’s Academy for Creative Media. The stories depict life in Hawaii, the Pacific and Asia.

Chasing Rainbows

Oct. 16 & 21

This documentary made in Hawaii focuses on the gay rights movements and provides a forum for both sides of the issue.


Oct. 16 & 24

Ecila is a reporter who is caught in a “wonderland” with villains and anti-heroes.

 Get A Job

Oct. 16 & 23

A comedy based in Maui starring Willie K. & Eric Gilliom, this film follows an employment agent who is trying to employ the most unemployable man on the island.

 Holding Fast the Dream

Oct. 23

This film uncovers the history of African Americans in Hawaii.

One Kine Day

Oct. 18 & 23

Set in Windward Oahu, slacker-skater Ralsto trudges through on of the most da kine days of his life. A dramatic comedy of young adulthood.

One Voice

Oct. 15 & 23

This film follows Kamehameha Schools’ unique cultural tradition—its song contest.

Mana I Ka Leo: Power of the Voice

Oct. 16 & 23

Documentary that examines oli, the Hawaiian tradition of chant, through the eyes of three contemporary practitioners.

Papa Mau: The Wayfinder

Oct. 16 & 23

Director Maalehu Anthony shares the story of Papa Mau, a master navigator and teacher.

Out of Infamy

Oct. 23

A documentary about the incarceration of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Pacific Panorama short films

Oct. 23

Includes eight short films from New Zealand, Samoa and Hawaii.

Student Showcase

Oct. 23

A free screening of the best videos produced in Hawaii by students in grades K-12.

Those Who Came Before

Oct. 16

A story of 83-year-old Eddie Kamae’s musical journey from bandleader to oral historian.

Under a Jarvis Moon

Oct. 17 & 22

Documentary about a secret 1935 U.S. Navy project to send Native Hawaiians as colonists to remote Pacific islands.