CD Reviews: Anuhea and Kiwini Vaitai



(OneHawaii Music)

On her self-titled debut CD, Maui-born Anuhea mixes R&B, folk and soul into a radio-friendly set of originals. As a composer, she’s already got a sharp and engaging voice, exploring the joys of flirting with boys and the trials of working a coffee shop job, and squeezing in Anchorman and Jay-Z references along the way (“99 problems but a twitch ain’t one”). If you’re looking for a summer beach soundtrack, this is basically perfect.


Kiwini Vaitai

Independently Bizarre

(Local Coast Sound)


When it comes to Jawaiian music in the late naughties, Kiwini Vaitai’s new album may well be its apotheosis: vivid red, yellow, green packaging, synth-filled reggae production sprinkled with Auto-Tune, impassioned pleas to “join me on a dinner cuisine” and “chill till late in the morning” and as many party jams as any buzzed tailgater could reasonably handle. Whether you personally are looking for the apotheosis of Jawaiian is a different question, of course, but if you want it, Vaitai’s got it.