#CatTravels: Day 1 in Madison

I arrived in Madison, Wisc. with a wool coat, a cowl neck top, a scarf and jeans.

And that wasn’t enough.

It was 34 degrees when I landed — 50 degrees colder than when I left Honolulu on Thursday night. And the temperature dipped into the 20s later last night.

It’s cold.

But I was still excited to walk about this quaint college town, where my boyfriend had been studying and living for the past three months.

I hadn’t been back to Wisconsin since 1999 — Thanksgiving, in fact — and it was just as beautiful and friendly as I remember

But I don’t remember it being this cold.

Here’s what my first day in Madison looked like:

Heading to Madison

Picture 1 of 21

And we’re off. I made it to Chicago safely — and on time — and had to board this little bitty plane to Madison.

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