Cat Chat episode 3: Whine and wine

I’m not much of a wine drinker, opting for shots of Patron or a pitcher or Diet Coke to wash down the basket of fries I just inhaled.

But I do see the allure of wine — the notes, the characters, the bouquets of scents.

I just don’t really understand any of it.

Which is why I asked my pal, Shannon Ball of Wine The Experience in Kapahulu, to explain a few things to me on today’s installment of Cat Chat.

Like why he swirls the wine around in his glass. Seriously. I don’t get it.

So check out what I learned about wine in today’s episode — and how you can be uber-cool at your Thanksgiving get-together tomorrow. (There are new phrases I think I’ll be using…)

If you’ve got questions for Shannon about wine — or me about anything — post ’em here. And visit Shannon at his shop in Kilohana Square or on Facebook (WineTheX) or Twitter (@winethex). We both would love to hear from you!

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