Cassandra Rull launches new keiki line

Girl Meets World

Lei Chic

There's something totally amazing about seeing your longtime favorite being introduced to the next generation.

No, we're not talking about a show that follows a boy who marries his childhood sweetheart, has a daughter, and may or may not still be in touch with his best friend, good-looking older brother and teacher/professor who happens to live next door.

Although we are fully on board with that idea, FYI.

No, we're talking about Cassandra Rull's new keiki line, coming soon to Mikinola.

Lei Chic

Imagine the swingy, uber comfy dresses and tops you love to wear in a wonderfully vivid mix of color and prints. Now put them into a shrinking machine and set the dial to "teeny."

This is what you'll get: bold, colorful, fun-to-wear prints. Clothes that are cute, but never juvenile. Soft spandex jersey that stretches comfortably so it grows with the girl. (Rull's nieces have been wearing her custom keiki designs and passing them down to younger siblings for years.)

Basically, we're talking about pieces your little one can just throw on and run out the door.

You're no longer the only girl on the go here.

$60 dresses, $66 tops, available this Friday at Mikinola, Koko Marina Center. For more information, call (808) 721-3520.