Caleb Shinobi’s Abstract Noir Fashion Show

The Abstract Noir fashion show by Caleb Shinobi attracted an eclectic crowd Friday night at the Coexist Studio, located in the urban arts district in Kakaako. The ambitious show opened with an aerialist couple’s performance. Their creative and somewhat steamy presentation on the silks set the stage for the evening. Before the show, Shinobi briefly described the idea behind the show: “Abstract Noir is a fashion concept that will reflect the raw edge and art we find weaved within the urban landscapes on the island.”

Some formidable artists assisted Shinobi with the show. Shinobi’s avant-garde headpieces were complemented by the fantasy hair and make-up fashioned by W Salon and Christian from Heaven on Earth. Another show-stopper was the golden halter made of nails created by wearable art enthusiast Kellie Vaughn. Artists Colin Andrew Wood and Sarah Rasul each created a body art look with pops of color in unexpected shapes that enhanced the garments in those ensembles.

The structure of many of Shinobi’s headpieces and face masks mirrored the surrounding behemoth buildings on Oahu’s waterfront. Some of the sleek black leather garments were literally dripping with architecture of varying sizes, each with their own personality. The large headpieces often had the audience in awe as the models strutted down the runway, undaunted by the weight of the creations. A head-to-toe stand-out look was the short ensemble made of mirrors and lined in white.

The show closed with a firedance performance and an impressive finale walk. We got the chance to interview Shinobi after the show:


Now that you’ve done the show, what are your thoughts about the process and the outcome?

Caleb Shinobi:
I just hope the audience liked what they saw, behind the scenes things sometimes can get chaotic. The models and everyone involved worked so hard.

Well we in the audience didn’t see any fashion faux pas. Where do you see yourself going from here?

I want to keep growing and evolving as an artist and continue to be inspired by the raw beauty and art that surrounds me.

Take a look at the show and some behind-the-scenes photos of the makeup artists and designers at work!

Caleb Shinobi’s Abstract Noir Fashion Show

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Photos by Tracy Chan