Brunch at Sugarcane Maui


Philippe Chin – courtesy of Sugarcane Maui

If you’re a longtime Food Network viewer, you’ll remember a chef named Philippe Chin had his own show, featuring truly Asian-fusion creations. As a classically trained chef from France with a Chinese father and a French mother, he brought hapa cuisine to a much different level than I’d ever seen in any of our own chefs. I mean, you see a lot of Japanese-French and Japanese-Italian here, but you never see Chinese-French. He’d take a bok choy dish that his popo had made, for example, then use French ingredients and present it like something from a high-class Chinese banquet. Or he would transform familiar dishes that I knew, into a new French dish. The things he created always looked familiar, but with a distinctive European twist.

As you know, I’m not the usual chef fangirl type, but here’s a little secret: I’ve always been intrigued by Chin. When I heard that he had opened a restaurant on Maui, I was so excited to try it that I forgot to check if he’d even be there.

I only had time to have brunch before I had to get on a plane and head back home, but at least I got to try it. Here’s what I had with Julie Yoneyama and Jen Russo:

Brunch at Sugarcane Maui

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The restaurant is on the second floor, so don’t be looking for a large, ground floor space. We met up with Jen Russo and her daughter, Betty.


Next time, I hope I also go with a larger group so we can try more things.

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Sugarcane Maui
736 Front St.
Lahaina, HI 96761