Beyond Ball Hawai‘i Is Changing The Way Keiki Play Sports

Husband-and-wife team Nohea Tano and Will Howard’s passion is to help keiki love, enjoy and stay in sports.



Nohea Tano was always active and playing sports throughout her childhood and beyond. During her intermediate year at Kamehameha Schools, everyone thought she would try out for soccer. After all, that was the current sport she was in and the sport she excelled in. On try-out day, her parents expected her to go to school with her soccer shoes. But she was burned out of soccer by then and wanted to try volleyball instead.


Her parents were surprised, but supportive. She made the team and went on to play volleyball in high school and college. She fell in love with the game. And surprisingly, the game that she competed in at the highest level, was the sport she found last.


Beyond Ball Hawaii

Photo: Courtesty of Beyond Ball Hawai‘i


She believes that nowadays, kids are specializing in a single sport much too early. “The average child spends less than three years playing a sport, and they quit by age 11. There’s so much pressure to perform, overemphasis on winning and overuse injuries,” she shares.


Beyond Ball Hawaii

Photo: Courtesy of Beyond Ball Hawai‘i


That’s why she and her husband Will Howard started Beyond Ball Hawai‘i: a new youth sports program where kids can sample different sports, play in smaller teams and enjoy the games. Located in Kapa‘a Industrial Park, Beyond Ball Hawai‘i is currently offering a multi-sports summer camp, leagues, skill sessions and a prepare-to-play program which is a combination of skill sessions and game play. The facility has three volleyball courts, three basketball and futsal courts, tennis and pickleball courts, two restrooms, an outside grassy lounge area and thankfully, plenty of parking.


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“This has been our dream for five years. We’re just seeing that there’s so much to youth sports and noticing that the current model that most places use is failing our keiki,” says Tano.




“One thing we’re noticing is that many sports programs end up focusing only on the most physically gifted athlete and creating success for those kids. For the ones that are a little late, it’s harder for those kids to remain in sports,” she shares. “For us, we want to help those kids understand the long-term development and that whether you’re an early developer or late bloomer, you still have 10 or so years to go. That leads to a healthy and relationship with sport and a lifetime love for the game and physical activity.”


Beyond Ball Hawai‘i offers a variety of leagues, programs and open gym sessions for kids (and adults!), 905 Kalaniana‘ole Highway, Building 24C, Kailua,, @beyondballhawaii