Bevy to bring crafted libations to Kaka‘ako


christian timo
crafted libations
Buzz is already spreading about a new bar that’s opening in Kaka‘ako this August, run by none other than Honolulu’s award-winning master mixologist Christian Self, whose career has included working with Las Vegas-based bar consultant company BarMagic, and managing the bars at EDITION Waikiki and thirtyninehotel. Joined by familiar faces from the thirtyninehotel crew, including Chef Jamal Lahiani and his girlfriend, public relations director/DJ Timothea Lee, along with Honolulu physician Phil Manzanera, Self is getting ready to take the helm at the old Scores karaoke lounge at 661 Auahi St.

“I’ve always known that at some time I wanted to own my own place, and do things my way,” Self says.

According to Self and Lee, the vision for the new place is a working-class bar with a European touch that, like its head mixologist and chef, takes the art of food and drink seriously and doesn’t skimp on quality. It’ll be a place that belongs to the community, where anyone can go, solo or with friends, to grab a beer, glass of wine or craft cocktail and some food and just relax.

Self and Lee talk more about how the bar came to be, and what their plans are for it, in this video. Bevy’s tentative opening date is mid-August.