Best of Biting Commentary 2018: Editors’ Favorites

In case you missed them—13 of our favorite Biting Commentary stories of 2018.

From a Downtown restaurant serving cannabidiol cocktails to our managing editor’s slight obsession with chef Chris Oh, here are my favorite Biting Commentary blogs of 2018.


1. Bidding Goodbye to Some of Our Favorite Restaurants in 2017

Published on Jan. 10

Photo: Catherine Toth Fox

I still miss the li hing margaritas and Jamaican jerk fries from Ryan’s Grill at Ward Center.


2. The Secret Japanese Restaurant You Can’t Go To

Published on Jan. 17

Photo: Catherine Toth Fox

It was such a strange experience even finding Toridokoro Matsumoto, a hidden restaurant that specializes in yakitori. I get asked about this restaurant all the time. (And no, I can’t get anyone in.)


3. The Latest Buzz in Cocktails is Now at Hukilau Honolulu

Published on March 12

Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


This Downtown restaurant was the only place serving cannabidiol cocktails, and I was obsessed with the names of these drinks: Li Hing Marga-Reefer, Bloody Mary Jane, High Tai. Hilarious!


4. Nalo Farms Needs Your Help

Published on April 16

Photo: Courtesy of Nalo Farms


The Waimānalo farm was devastated after a freak storm in April and started a GoFundMe campaign to stay in business. Despite raising more than $107,000, the farm closed in October.


5. 5 Cocktails with Interesting Names in Honolulu

Published on April 25

Photo: James Charisma


A couple of us were eating at Fête one day and saw on the menu a cocktail named “You Should Date Doug.” It got us thinking about the stories behind the names of these drinks. That’s how this blog came to be.


6. 7 Magical Unicorn Foods That We’re Totally Obsessed With Right Now

Published on May 9

Photo: Courtesy of A Cake Life


When your digital marketing specialist is obsessed with all things unicorns, this is what happens.


7. Meat Your Maker: Butcher & Bird is Now Open at Salt

Published on June 18

Photo: Don Wallace


Whenever we send our senior editor Don Wallace to write a Biting Commentary, he turns a simple blog post into a work of literary mastery. That’s definitely the case here when he wrote about this boutique butchery at Salt.


8. Yes, Home Bar & Grill Is Open

Published on July 25

Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


In March, we had been hearing rumblings about Home Bar & Grill closing, mostly on social media. Of course, we had to find out for ourselves. Turns out, Chris Tai, an old friend of mine, had closed—then reopened—the popular bar, and it was better than ever.


9. Chef Chris Oh’s Chingu Hawai‘i Brings L.A.’s K-Town Vibe to Honolulu

Published on Sept. 7

Photo: Katrina Valcourt


Our managing editor is always busy—but she cleared her schedule to do this blog. Reason? She got to interview one of her favorite chefs, Chris Oh.


10. Kailua’s Taylor Inouye Makes the Finale in Kids Baking Championship

Published on Sept. 17

Photo: Courtesy of Food Network


Now it was my turn to be a fan girl. I interviewed—and later met—Taylor Inouye, an eighth grader from Kailua, who competed in the finale of Kids Baking Championship. She didn’t win, but she won us all over.


11.Two More Beloved Restaurants—Wailana Coffee House and Mocha Java—Close For Good

Published on Sept. 28

Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


Two more heartbreaking closures. And Mocha Java was my go-to since high school.


12. Asato Family’s Sherbet Takes You Back To Small-Kid Days

Published on Oct. 10

Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


When Neale Asato first brought me one of his sherbets, it was love at first lick. Now the company is based in Downtown, so it will be even easier for me to get my fix.


13. Mistletoe Tavern Pop-Up Serves Holiday Cocktails Downtown

Published on Nov. 26

Photo: Katrina Valcourt


This blog, written by our editorial director, convinced us to try it that week. And it didn’t disappoint.