August 2012: Table of Contents


Lava Dwellers

The east flank of Kilauea volcano is a land of unchecked fire, acid breezes and rock that cuts like glass—no place for a subdivision. And yet more than 30 homes are spread out across the barren flow. We trekked onto the pahoehoe to meet some of the lava dwellers.

by david thompson


The Paperless Press

Good journalism isn’t dead. While there are fewer reporters, and Honolulu has joined the ranks of one-newspaper towns, local online-only news outfits pursue solid reporting and somewhat less solid revenues.

by tiffany hill


Kalaupapa Memories

In the early 20th century, patients suffering from Hansen’s disease were quarantined on the isolated peninsula of Kalaupapa, separated from friends and family. By the 1980s, the place had become home. Photographer Wayne Levin spent several years documenting the residents of the tiny community.

photos by wayne levin



Editor’s Page: Two Notes

Observations on Honolulu City Council member Nestor Garcia and UH West Oahu.

by a. kam napier



Our readers respond.



Art Streets

Get out and go.

Opening this month: UH West Oahu 

The Hawaiian Room’s 75th anniversary 

Environment: Conquering the Koolau Range

Books: jazz musicians, beach access and … bananas?

Field Guide: Holy Hot Spots



Golf gear, Handsome Young Son wallets, a profile of pet shop Calvin and Susie, and more.

by stacey makiya and brie thalmann


From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.

by maria kanai


Afterthoughts: On the Wedge

Why my favorite deep-fried treat isn’t available in Honolulu.

by michael keany


Special Section

Annual All-Island Restaurant Guide

Our annual insert celebrates all the delicious dining options Hawai‘i offers. Check out “Cheap Eats” for a roundup of 67 tasty, affordable, dishes across the state. Or, if you’re feeling flush, we’ve also got some of the town’s decadent, most expensive dishes (hint: caviar is involved). Get caught up with the latest dining trends as food and dining editor Martha Cheng profiles six hot new restaurants, and then learn what goes into creating the freshest, in-house noodles, with David Thompson’s “Noodle Makers.” In “A License to Pour,” Tiffany Hill explores the ins and outs of getting a liquor license in Honolulu.