August 2011: Table of Contents


Theatres of Hawaii

A book excerpt from Lowell Angell’s book about historical theaters in our state. Editor A. Kam Napier also sat down with the author for an interview.


Exploring Kahuku

Too often, the trip from Honolulu to Kahuku is a well-beaten path from downtown to the comforts of a single resort. But if you’re willing to venture off that route, you’ll find a diverse community where the country is kept country, no bumper stickers necessary.

by victoria wiseman


Micronesian in Hawaii

Hawaii was built from immigrants from all over the world, and Micronesians are its newest arrivals. We wanted to find out more about their cultures (there’s more than one), and about what it’s like to move to Hawaii and make a new life.

by michael keany


On the Hunt

Have an upscale scavenger hunt—and see your city with fresh eyes—by paying homage to  some of Honolulu’s most beloved artworks.

by tamara moan



Editor’s Page: Our Guide to Better Dining

In an age of information overload, magazines cut through the chatter to bring you the best.

by a. kam napier



Our readers respond.



Meet a mermaid

Reasons to get out and go in August

Budget-friendly spas

Ukulele are taking over the world

Books: A take on Easter Island, and Acts of God While on Vacation

Flying model planes over Kaneohe

Big Island brunch tour

Shopping: Two new Kakaako boutiques

Environment: Hawaii-inspired note cards

Design plans for the proposed UH Hilo College of Pharmacy

Field Guide: Mantiques


From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.

by a. kam napier


Afterthoughts: Good Timing

It’s a fine month for a wedding.

by kathryn drury wagner


Special Section

Restaurant Guide

Our annual insert celebrates all the delicious dining options Hawaii offers. Check out “Chef Recommends,” to find out what our local chefs feel are the best dishes in the Islands. Savor stories on “Ooey, Gooey Cheese,” and “Sinful Chocolate Desserts.” In  “The Big Squeeze,” Dining editor John Heckathorn takes a look at the economics behind running a restaurant. Chefs also share some funny advice for diners in “9 Things Chefs Wished You Knew.” Top it all off with a nightcap with John Heckathorn’s love note to whiskey cocktails.