ASK DR. DISH: Male shortage

Question: A September 6 post … highlighted the growing acceptance and pride among small breasted women (and much of the public at large) that small is beautiful, too.

Well, Dr. Dish, I’ll be blunt: I’m a mature man who’s hung like a hamster (about half of average US adult male size, as measured in both basic states), but I’m inspired by the small-is-beautiful movement among women regarding their busts. Unfortunately, when things first get to the point of physically intimacy with me, women tend to have one of two basic reactions, neither of which is good: false statements of reassurance that I am not small; or honest expressions of negative reaction (some rather extreme).

Is there a good way to ease a partner into this intimate knowledge before physical intimacy is imminent, while seeking to determine whether there may be a mutual very-small-is-ok understanding? Not every woman has to embrace tiny as an ideal, or even acceptable, characteristic in her male partner in a committed and intimate relationship, but there must be some way to mitigate the risk of unpleasant surprise and its hurtful consequences.

Dr. Dish, what should I do as future relationships progress, and I know that you and your team of expert advisers at Nonstop Honolulu can treat this often, but not openly, talked about subject with tact and sensitivity? What’s a little guy to do?

Answer: Honestly, I don’t think most women care that much about male size.

I think — and correct me if I’m wrong — but the whole size thing is something guys are more concerned about than something women actually discuss. Guys talk about size; women talk about shoes, irritating co-workers and your inability to listen.

Not to say that there aren’t women who put a lot of emphasis on these superficial things. I mean, there are guys who encourage their small-breasted women to get boob jobs, right? (Those two need to find each other.)

But in my experience, my girlfriends don’t sit around and talk about the size of their mates. There are much more interesting things to talk about — and much more important qualities of partners we desire.

I’ve done blogs in the past about deal-breakers when it comes to relationships — and never, not once did a woman post something along the lines of “bigger family jewels, please.” Never happened.

But I could be wrong.

Anyone got something to add? And please be tasteful, respectful and appropriate. It’s a family show here!


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