ASK DR. DISH: ‘He voted for Bush!’

Question: My current boyfriend of five months is a diehard Republican. I knew that going into the relationship, but I didn’t realize just how into the whole party thing he is. I knew he voted for (President George W.) Bush — but twice??? You see, I am a strong supporter of the Democratic party and now that we are the throes of election season, it is becoming more and more evident that we cannot agree or get along. Can our relationship survive, even just the election?

Answer: Well, you can’t say you don’t have stimulating conversations at the dinner table!

To start off, I would say you have to figure out if his allegiance to the Republican Party is really, indeed, a deal breaker. For some, it might be, considering you might differ on values and viewpoints integral to your relationship. (He might be against gay marriage and its lifestyle, for example, and you may have a bevy of gay friends.) This might make it hard for you both to agree on certain things, especially when it comes to raising a family. Differing political views is akin to religious differences, in a lot of ways. And that’s not something very easy to work out.

But, on the flip side, these could just be politics — like how you might disagree about favorite books or proper toilet seat etiquette.

I have a friend, for example, who’s vegan. But she met a red meat-eating hunter. And now they’re happily married with a beautiful daughter. So it could work.

A wise woman once told me that it’s not about looks or lifestyle or even what you share in common. “Find someone who’s kind,” she said to me. “Everything else doesn’t matter.”

Good advice.

Anyone else got something to add?


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