ASK DR. DISH: Buy an iPad?

Question: An easy one for ya: should I buy an iPad or what? The more I see them around, the more I want one. But is this just Apple trying to suck me in and steal my money? You have one. Tell me why I should get one.

Answer: Well, actually, I don’t own an iPad. But I have friends who do — and they love it. But I’ll be honest, it’s not for everyone.

I didn’t get one for myself because I need something handy to carry around with me that I can type on, take notes with, surf the ‘Net. While you can certainly do that with an iPad, I get more use out of my laptop than I would on a glorified version of the iPhone (that doesn’t make phone calls). I can do more on my MacBook than on an iPad.

But I will say, the iPad came in handy while traveling. My boyfriend has one and he was able to search for restaurants and book hotels much faster — and must easier — on the iPad than on our iPhones. And it sure beat trying to find a WiFi connection in Paris, let me tell you!

So I’m the wrong person to ask, since I didn’t spend the money to get one. (Plus, I figure Apple will only come out with a better version in a year or so. May as well wait.)

But here’s a clever chart by BB Spot to help you with your decision:

Can anyone else help?


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