April 2012: Table of Contents


Is Hawaii Worth it?

Four local families talk about the price of paradise—and whether they’re willing to pay it any longer. Also, some eye-opening stats on the cost of living in the Islands.

by tiffany hill


A Good Egg

Why one Honolulu woman has donated her eggs, six times.

by jennifer meleana hee


The Bird Scarers

How a handful of wildlife officials with a mixed bag of tricks safeguard aviation at Honolulu International Airport.

by david thompson



Editor’s Page: Paying the Paradise Tax

The downside to life in Hawaii is mainly economic. How much are we willing to pay?

by a. kam napier



Our readers respond.



It’s the Pandemonium Sideshow       

Get out and go

Food: local burgers

Coding for a fix

Unsolicited advice

Environment: Hail snails!

Field Guide: Kaimana Beach



A Q&A with designer Tory Burch, a Sig Zane/Vans collab, entertaining accessories and more.

by stacey makiya and brie thalmann


Dining: Nico Casts His Net

The story behind the new Nico’s and its role in Pier 38’s vision as a modern-day fishing village.

by martha cheng


Afterthoughts: Fence Hopping

The Haiku Stairs might be Hawaii’s busiest off-limits hike.

by michael keany