April 11 – Planes, Trains and Subways

Yasue gets the good news that public transportation in Sendai, including its airport, is scheduled to begin service soon.

I just heard on the news that Sendai Airport is scheduled to reopen on April 13. I could not believe it!

All Nippon Airways will have three daily flights to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Japan Airlines will have one daily flight to Haneda and two daily flights to Osaka using B737-800 aircraft. These are temporary flights. However, there are no flights scheduled to Tokyo’s largest international airport, Narita, like there was before the 3/11 quake and tsunami that damaged Sendai Airport so severely.

The Shinkansen bullet train to Sendai Station will reopen on April 29. The Sendai subway system should be completely operational by April 29 as well.

The Stars and Stripes reporting team will likely stay with me to cover the reopening of the Sendai Airport then head back to their Tokyo headquarters.