Apparel company glyf connects with nature as a fashion statement

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Recycle bin for newspaper? Check!
Recycle bin for aluminum cans? Check!
Recycle bin for clothing? Umm …

Don’t worry—local apparel company glyf is on it. According to one core team member, Skye (no last names here—the trio of Skye, Shawna and Rod are all about minimalism across the board), glyf is playing a part in the slow fashion movement. Just like the slow food movement, slow fashion is all about creating a sustainable, low-waste environment and cutting down on consumption. That all sounds good in theory, but how does it actually work? The way the glyf gang envisions it, customers will get a discount on their next purchase if they send back their used glyf apparel. The pre-owned clothing would then be up-cycled into other items. Now that’s an earth-friendly incentive.

It may be a while before the program takes off, though, because you won’t want to send back the cool, original pieces glyf is cranking out. Inspired by life and nature (a walk in the Koolaus or surf sesh at Sandy’s, for example), all prints are done using earth-friendly, water-based inks, and every print has a vintage look and feel, meaning the more you wash your clothes, the softer they will be—and the more you’ll want to wear them. And there’s no mass production. Each and every garment is printed one at a time, with almost everything—including tags, labels and shipping boxes—done in-house.

So let glyf’s nature- and life-inspired designs inspire something in you. Who knows, you may just find yourself hugging a tree or two.

glyf apparel is available online and at Art+Flea.