24 Amazon Prime Day Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

Whether you’re planning summer holoholo trips, headed back to college or sprucing up a small living space, we found a deal for you.


Amazon Prime Day is coming up on July 11–12, which means tons of deals paired with convenient free shipping. We scrolled through the results to find some of the best on-sale products that suit all kinds of wants and needs for this time of year. Sun’s out, wallets out for outdoor gear and summer essentials, back-to-college must-haves and cool furniture and storage finds that will help tidy up the limited space in your home.


Check out our Amazon Prime Day picks:


*Deals are current as of the publish date.



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Prepare for Summer Fun

Headed to the beach or getting together with friends and family? These products will come in handy throughout the summer.

  1. A 10 L waterproof dry bag in 18 colorways to take on water adventures (also comes in 5 L, 20 L, 30 L and 40 L sizes) – $14.99 (12% off original price $16.99)
  2. A portable USB desk fan with a clip base and four speeds in three colorways to get you through hot summer days – $39.99 (20% off original price $49.98)
  3. A Hawaiian shave ice machine to make cool treats at home – $49.99 (17% off original price $59.99)
  4. A set of four diamond-shaped whiskey stones to keep drinks cold – $15.99 (use code PRIMEDAY20 at checkout for 20% off original price of $19.99)
  5. An inflatable flamingo float to make all your friends jealous at pool parties – $22.27 (47% off original price $41.99)
  6. A glass bubble vase to hold all your cheery summer blooms, five colorways on sale for varying prices – $16.51 (Prime exclusive 13% off original price $18.98)
  7. A waterproof phone pouch to keep your mobile safe at sea in 14 colorways – prices start at $6.79 (66% off original price $19.99)
  8. A mini movie projector to turn your bedroom wall or backyard into a theater – $209.99 (Prime exclusive 38% off original price $339.99)



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Pack for College

Of all the gadgets and gizmos out there, here are the products you won’t regret getting to make college life easier.

  1. A 5-foot power strip with three Outlets and four USB Ports to charge up all your devices – $12.82 (32% off original price $19.99 + 5% off coupon)
  2. A charging nightstand with LED Lights and three compartments in three colorways for a convenient bedside station – $89.99 (29% off original price $139.99 + $10 coupon)
  3. An ergonomic desk chair with wheels and flip-up armrests in five colorways to correct your studying posture – prices start at $99.99 (50% off original price $239.99 + $20 coupon)
  4. A keyboard wrist rest and mousepad set made of memory foam for extra support while you’re hard at work on the computer, four colorways on sale – $14.66 (Prime exclusive 10% off original price $16.29)
  5. A stylus pen compatible with iPad generations from 2018 to 2023 to make note-taking and drawing a breeze – prices start at $20.99 (apply coupon for 30% off original price $29.99)
  6. A cordless 1.5 L electric kettle with auto-shutoff functionality in two colorways to brew up the tea and instant coffee you need to stay focused – prices start at $22.31 (30% off original price $39.99 + 20% coupon)
  7. An LED desk lamp with three temperature modes and five brightness levels in two colorways to light up your study space – $25.99 (20% off original price $32.49)
  8. A portable blender with a 21 oz capacity in three colorways to make smoothies and shakes for breakfast in a snap – prices start at $26.99 (25% off original price $89.00 + 10% coupon)



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Maximize Small Living Spaces

Here are some products that will help you make the most of your space, whether you live in a small apartment or cozy house.

  1. A lift-top storage ottoman bench made of faux leather to hide your miscellaneous items and look good doing it, three colorways on sale – prices start at $75.60 (22% off original price $97.05)
  2. A set of 16 plastic stackable refrigerator bins with cutout handles to tidy up the fridge – $37.99 (24% off original price $49.99)
  3. An easy-to-assemble 3-tier wooden plant stand in two colorways to bring nature neatly indoors – prices start at $35.99 (apply coupon for 10% off original price $39.99)
  4. A small, modern rattan nightstand in 11 colorways and two sizes for more storage within easy reach that doesn’t take up a lot of space – prices start at $61.49 (Prime exclusive 24% off original price $99.99 + $15 coupon)
  5. An emerald velvet ottoman stool with a double-sided lid for a functional seat, footrest, storage space and table all-in-one – $39.99 (apply coupon for $10 off original price $49.99)
  6. A rolling storage cart made of carbon steel with four shelves to bring storage to you wherever you need it – $29.06 (Prime exclusive 10% off original price $33.99 + 5% coupon)
  7. A Dyson smart air purifier with a built-in fan to improve ventilation and air quality in your home – $499.00 (23% off original price $649.99)
  8. A 12-pack of space-saving hangers to organize the jumble of clothes and accessories in the closet – $11.19 (33% off original price $20.99 + 20% coupon)