Aloha Fukuoka! Zaifu, Yanagawa, Ippudo. Oishii!

We were wary about boarding a tour bus to head out to the Zaifu shrine and Yanagawa, but it ended up being a wonderful and educational trip. It gave us a taste (literally and figuratively) of the surrounding area, and showed us more than just the city.

I’m going to show you the highlights of the tour, but you can see the rest of my photos here. Since I have a lot of photos of scenery from the boat ride, I’m going to go without captions so you can enjoy the photos. I also have a ton of video that we took, but my Wi-Fi is not working well, so I can’t upload them until I get home. Sorry!

Aloha Fukuoka! Day 2

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The key to starting any travel day is to load up on lots of snacks. Cat and I headed to Lawson, the famous 24-hour convenience store in which most items are just about 100 yen. The first thing we got? Crustless sandwiches. Because as you know, crust just gets in the way.

At the end of the day, most of the Hawaiian Air group had left to go home. We met up with some people who were left to try one of the famous ramen chains, Ippudo.

Aloha Fukuoka! Dinner at Ippudo

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After a long day of touring, Manoa DNA’s Lloyd Kawakami suggested we try Ippudo, a huge ramen chain from Japan. Everyone told us it was a must-try, so of course, we had to try! There are 44 locations in Japan, of which three are in Fukuoka.

1-13-13 Tenjin Chuo-ku Fukuoka

Hopefully I can get more photos up tonight! I’ll blog at the end of the trip about Wi-Fi issues in Japan. Sigh.