Aloha Fukuoka! Yatai Mami Chan

I’m ramen’d out! All I want at this point is sushi or an izakaya or even MOS Burger. My running friends Val Ogi and Kyle Unten were game to try yatai, so Although Nagahama and Nakasu are “known” for their yatai, these stands — the original pop-up restaurants — are found all around Fukuoka from about 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. (loosely) every night.

Most yatai have regulars that stick around and drink all night, so it can be hard to get a seat. Others, like the ones near train stations, probably have higher turnover in customers as businesspeople grab a bite on the way home. That’s my guess, anyway. Mami Chan ended up being a good choice for food and people.

Aloha Fukuoka: Yatai Mami Chan

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Since Val and Kyle had not tried a yatai stand yet, we went wandering just outside Tenjin station to find one. We settled on this one because it offered a wide variety of grilled meats and other items, whereas the other stalls primarily had oden.

Stand restaurant Mami Chan
Fukuoka Bank, Head office, Showa-Ave. side
Tenjin Chuoh-ku, Fukuoka-shi

They said they’re also on Facebook, but all I could find was a location page, here.

I hope you get to try yatai when you get to Fukuoka, no matter where in the city you go. It’s definitely an experience not to be missed!