Aloha Brisbane! Hawaii: In Real Life

Yes, I’m blending the two by making today’s trip blog about meeting people in real life. We actually met Hawaii girl Lisa Yanger (LisaYanger on Instagram, no Twitter), who had just moved to Brisbane the week we arrived. She’s going to be working for renowned chef Matt Moran at his new restaurant called The Brisbane River Bar, and had some down time before the place opens for business, so we met up and got to know each other while running around the city.

You’ll see Lisa in subsequent blog posts, but since today is Wednesday, I wanted you to meet her … in real life. We went to Tukka in Brisbane’s West End to try native ingredients in unique dishes, like kangaroo, emu, crocodile, and wild boar. Oh, don’t look at me like that! Kangaroos, despite being cute and very soft, are also pests — kind of like deer are here in America. Aussies do hunt them for food and to keep the population under control. Anyway, here’s Lisa and what we ate:

If you want to see the food close up and in all its glory, here are some of my photos:

Aloha Brisbane!

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Brisbane’s West End is full of great eating places, but we (okay, I) wanted to try Tukka, which is known for serving Australian variety meats. The name is actually a varation on dukkah, an Egyptian spice blend, but according to the site, tukka is also Australian for food.

145B Boundary Street West End
Brisbane QLD 4101
07 3846 6333

Next up: Koala cuddling and feeding kangaroos!