Ala Moana Center's 7th Annual Shop a Le'a

Up On Clothes Nine (Sponsored)

Thank God for Pharrell, aka the only thing getting us through this gloomy winter (65 degrees??? Kill me). Ever since his “Happy” 24-hour-long music video came out—not to mention that awesome Academy Awards performance—it’s our go-to pick-me-up when we’re feeling glum. I mean, infectious pop and a parade of celebs and crazy jazz hands street dancing in joy? What’s not to love about being happy??

Which is exactly why you’re going to be elated at Ala Moana Center's seven days of shopping euphoria, which combines our favorite emotion with our favorite activity: shopping!

The seventh annual Shop a Le‘a festival gets its name from the Hawaiian word for taking delight or pleasure in something, so you know we’re already totally on board. It will feature a “blissful” array of 100 exclusive events and shopping and dining offers, including a lineup of fashion shows with enough spring and beauty trends to keep you grinning for a week, from names such as Diane von Furstenberg, bebe, Juicy Couture and Reyn Spooner.

As if that’s not enough to smile about, how about the limited-edition Shop a Le‘a Kipling tote, free with $300 worth of purchases at Ala Moana stores or restaurants? Or the chance to be the lucky Shop a Le‘a shopper to win a luxurious getaway to New Zealand? It’s putting us so over the moon we can’t even think about the oodles of special discounts, gifts, product launches and in-store events, or we might just die of happiness. Stress management? Pharrell needs to teach a class on euphoria management.
It’s a full seven-day festival, with entertainment and opportunities to give back to the community, so you’ll find plenty of reasons to get tickled pink, pleased as punch and to shop till there are stars in your eyes. Ahh, pure bliss.
Are you dancing in the streets yet?

Shop a Le‘a is March 17-23 at Ala Moana Center.  Click here for more details.