Actress Amanda Schull shares 'Suits' scoops and style tips

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Amanda Schull

When it comes to appointment television, we've got pretty high standards: characters must enjoy frequent verbal sparring, plots must center around a multi-million dollar law firm, and, most importantly, outfits must consist of high-end designer labels.

Suits fits all that to a luxurious, silk-blend tee. So, when we got word that actress and Punahou graduate Amanda Schull was returning to the USA Network original series as senior associate Katrina Bennett, we just had to chat. Read on for Amanda's inside scoop on her character's amazing clothes, style tips, favorite places to shop, and more.

What can we expect from your character this season?
Katrina is a very strong woman. She's not afraid to make enemies and butts heads with Mike (Ross, fellow associate) in particular. She's very determined to make a name and place for herself at the firm. Unfortunately, some people don't appreciate her place as much she does!

Everyone is always so impeccably dressed! What labels do you wear on the show?
The women who do the wardrobe (for Suits) are the best I've ever worked with. They know what looks right on which bodies and have all my outfit choices hanging on a rack when I walk into the room. One of the designers they like for my character is Burberry, and the look is always very form-fitting. One dress I wore was like a second skin – I could barely pull it off my body! I also wear a lot of Gucci and my shoes are from Alice and Olivia.

Did you pick up any style tips?
A designer label really makes a difference – the tailoring and quality is amazing compared to knock-offs and bargains. Everything is so sleek. But the ultimate tip I use into my own life is that tailoring a piece can turn a decent outfit into an extraordinary one. On Suits, they tailor every single piece impeccably. If you spend a little bit of money to make that pencil skirt just a little more snug and a little bit higher, it will elongate your body and make a world of difference.

Any fun moments on set?
There are quite a few giggling fits. When we're doing a dramatic scene, it can get really serious and wordy with all the legal jargon, and then someone breaks down and we all start laughing because it's just so contagious. Also, almost everyone on the show has a dog and they all bring their dogs to work. Gabriel (Macht, Harvey Specter) has a really adorable Shih Tzu named Lucky. Last time I was there, Lucky was running around wardrobe and decided to relieve himself right in front of the dressing room! I couldn't believe it.

Amanda Schull
Photo credit: Lara Solanki for Lifetime.

What else are you working on?
I did a movie that will be airing on Lifetime this Saturday called Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer. I'm a lawyer in that one as well, but my character, Shelby Cook, is much more emotionally charged. Her father is accused of being a serial killer and she has to defend him in court.

Where do you like to shop when you come back to Hawaii?
My mom and I were just dicussing our shopping strategy this morning! It sounds silly, but we could spend hours at Ala Moana Center. I love it because there are so many designer stores in one place, whereas Los Angeles is so spread out, you have to drive to different neighborhoods and malls to visit them. I also go to Place in Nuuanu. The owner, Mary Philpotts, is a family friend and she always has unique and interesting work by local artists in her shop.

What else do you like to do?
I take my niece to the farmers' market (at Kapiolani Community College). We love to go around and taste all the local flavors, especially the fruits, vegetables, and jams. I love OnoPops – I went to high school with (co-owner Joe Welch). Before he started the business, he showed up at my girlfriend's house for a potluck dinner and had everyone move their cars out of the driveway so he could plug in his truck. Turns out, he brought an entire freezer of OnoPops! We had free reign over every flavor and it was so good. I like to be naughty and get the Kona coffee one.

People still recognize you from Center Stage. Do you still dance?
Not professionally, but I do dance recreationally for exercise. When I'm not working, I'll take classes three to four times a week. Plus, I still keep in touch with all my San Francisco Ballet friends and my mom is the president of Ballet Hawaii, so I stay involved with the dance community that way.

Catch Amanda in Suits tonight at 10 p.m. on USA Network and in Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer this Saturday at 5 p.m. on Lifetime. Follow Amanda on Twitter @AmandaSchull1. Suits publicity stills courtesy of NBCUniversal.