Acid Wash Wednesday moves to NextDoor

After just short of two years at SoHo Mixed Media Bar, veteran promoters and DJs Vegas Mike and Nocturna are taking the legendary Acid Wash 80s Night back to NextDoor. Yesterday, there had been some rumors that the promoters were shutting down the night for good, but “Acid Wash just won’t die,” said “Vegas” Mike Licata, who has hosted the night at several venues, including NextDoor and The Living Room, since early 2006, and owns the rights to the Acid Wash name.

“It was an amicable agreement… the crowd at SoHo’s 18+ nights don’t particularly care about the ’80s , and our crowd’s getting older. As soon as I announced that we were calling it quits at SoHo, I got calls from four other club owners who wanted to host it, including Chris from NextDoor. That was the only one I really considered, because of our history there.”

Acid Wash started at NextDoor and enjoyed its heyday there a few years ago, packing the club with colorfully-attired people dancing like mad to their favorite ’80s hits. Yes, I was one of them. Sometimes a special guest DJ, like Andy Rourke of The Smiths, would drop in to spin a set.

NextDoor’s sudden temporary closure cut all that short, but a couple people I talked to said that taking the night back to the brick-walled club on Hotel Street will feel a lot like going home.

NextDoor itself will have to do some shifting around to accomodate the night. The new lineup: Broadcast Wednesdays, the live indie rock night, will move to Thursday, with Vegas Mike’s Helicopter night relocating to the VIP lounge above the main club.

Acid Wash will resume at NextDoor on Wednesday, June 8.

Some pics from the last night at SoHo:

The Last Acid Wash at SoHo

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Acid Wash’s last night at SoHo brought a big crowd out to dance to music spun by two of Acid Wash’s founding DJs, Nocturna and Vegas Mike.