According to Perry and Price

It’s been 25 years since the unlikely KSSK morning team of radio/TV personality Michael W. Perry and former UH head coach Larry Price first took to the airwaves, filling the longtime slot of Hal “Aku” Lewis. Today, they’re still No. 1, still crazy feisty and still don’t hang with each other after work.

Photo: Rae Huo

MICHAEL:  Larry and I first met in the early 1970s while co-hosting a telethon. He dared me to jump into a large pool of Jell-O fully dressed. I did that, for Jerry’s kids, but vowed revenge. I have been extracting that revenge very slowly over the past 25 years.

LARRY:  The first time I met Mike he had shoulder-length hair, was driving a sports car and interviewing a transvestite. Oh, wow!

M:  We’ve been through 11 different corporate owners in a quarter century. And you know what’s different? Nothing. A new face comes from the Mainland every few years, realizes The Perry and Price Show shouldn’t be successful but is, and leaves us alone.

L:  My most memorable day on the show … ever? The day the space shuttle exploded with Ellison Onizuka onboard. He was scheduled to call in from space.

M:  We’ve offended the Legislature fairly consistently over the years. Mostly, they have richly deserved it, although I never have met a legislator I didn’t like. Individually, they are wonderful people. Collectively, they are nearly dysfunctional.

L:  I have never intentionally offended anyone.

M:  Some things have to be pronounced very carefully on the radio, like pianist and Dolly Parton’s Biggest Hits.

L:  I sing along with the songs.

M:  My iPod is stuffed with mostly classical music. We get our Minimum Daily Adult Requirement of Beyonce and Celine every morning from 5 to 10 a.m.

L:  I don’t own an iPod. I don’t like things stuck in my ears.

M:  It’s still “Perry on the Left,” but, over the past two decades, politically, I’ve made a slow right turn. Hawai‘i is making the same course correction, except for the Legislature and the media.

L:  Something not many people know about Mike? Mike is an only child and doesn’t have any cavities. Something no one knows about me? I’ve collected icebox magnets for over 30 years and play six different musical instruments.

M:  Rule of thumb for DJ status: If you work three hours a day you’re a star, four hours you’re a personality, five hours you’re an indentured servant. We work five but would get bored with less.

L:  We don’t socialize unless it’s work related. Six days a week is just fine.

M:  I see Larry Price much more than I see my wife. Around 1987, she demanded equal time. She’s prettier than Larry, so she got it.

L:  Retirement is a word that does not apply to broadcasting. Retirement is a team decision involving the listening audience and clients.

M:  People call me “Coach.” They tell Larry how much they loved this week’s Hawaiian Moving Company. Because we’re an indivisible whole, that’s perfectly OK. I can relate because to this day I’m still not sure which one was Starsky and which one was Hutch.

L:  I enjoy getting up at 3 a.m. because you know the competition is still sleeping.

M:  In 1979, I asked Aku how long it took to get used to getting up in the middle of the night. He said you never get used to it. He was right. That’s why we look like this.